Photo of me half-smiling, in stylish clothes and a brimmed plaid hat sporting many buttons

Who am I?

I am a thirtysomething software developer currently located in Toronto, Canada.

I was born in Panaji, India, and clocked a little bit of time in Saudi Arabia and Austria before rooting myself in the land of Maple Syrup and the Tragically Hip.

In 2008 I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Computer Science degree and Philosophy minor. I was an active member (and once-President) of the university's Computer Science Club while I was there, arranging visiting lectures from Richard M. Stallman and Bjarne Stroustrup.

What else interests me?

While I have a variety of backend and full-stack experience, there are particular things I find myself constantly fascinated by:

  • The history and design of Operating Systems
  • The components and interactions of Distributed Systems
  • The operational mechanics of software architecture, how its components are interfaced with and how components work together
  • The expressiveness of programming languages and the theories that develop them
  • Procedurally generated things like twitter bots or roguelike dungeon levels

I've got some non-computer-science interests, too:

  • I'm an omnivorous music nerd, both for music histories and exploring the full spectrum of musical output
  • I don't read it as much as I used to, but I'm very into science fiction and fiction which stretches convention and boundaries
  • My retirement dream is to open a café and work the espresso machine. I am slowly and surely getting better at pouring latté art. I roast my own coffee.
  • I used to avidly play video games; now I mostly play and am interested in making Roguelikes
  • I enjoy literary and critical analysis of any media I partake in, possibly moreso than just watching/listening/reading/playing the thing itself :D
  • I have been involved in wonderful organizations and I have been involved in hostile ones. I am always interested in how to make my regular workplace and social circles more friendly, more inclusive, and more diverse

What have I worked on professionally?

  • Analysis and triage of proprietary hardware's memory core dumps, to identify software defects via assembler analysis and implement fixes in code
  • The standard library and configuration parser for a proprietary embedded operating system
  • An automated ad campaign analysis platform that optimized Facebook advertisement campaigns using machine learning frameworks
  • A sales/account management suite for analyzing internal customer metrics from a mobile analytics solution
  • Requirements gathering for a variety of internal business operations, implemented via internal web applications

What have I worked on for fun?

  • A small collection of fun twitter bots, which include:
    • CassiniBot: Mourning the death of the beloved research satellite.
    • GaelanBot: Replicating my own twitter output via Markov Chains, plus the occasional behavioural mutation
  • One day I'll put up a photo album tracking my long and storied attempt to perfect my latté art

How can you reach me?

What other sites do I recommend?


Why is this page so ugly?

Perhaps you do not remember the days of DOS, or perhaps you very much remember them :D

I am very much a backend developer by trade, while I read up on and appreciate the art of displaying visual information, I must be honest with myself in that I am no great visual designer and any attempts to be so would be pale imitations of my betters. If I'm going to lean on the visual designs of others, I might as well aim for something that's quirky, readable, and reflects well upon my character and the earliest moments when I fell in love with the art of computer programming.